4th Annual Film Snacks Competition

Feel there's an environmental story to be told? This is your chance to tell it! The Film Snacks Competition is a platform for the best of tomorrow's film-making talent, featuring compelling short-films that build on environmental themes. You could have your film screened on the BIG screen, TV, and online! Full details...

TITLECanada: A Manipulated Landscape.
BYGordie Rogers
POST DATE1103 days ago


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  • Gordie Rogers wrote:
    2011-09-16 15:48:51
    Our goal was to inform and explain through visuals the devastation that is currently going (fairly) unnoticed and undeterred. Our creativity (we think) comes in the images we have chosen to show you this with. Thank you for the comments though and your opinion!
  • Danny DeGiorgis wrote:
    2011-09-16 11:43:45
    This is good Even though it lacks Creativity, its well done. Good luck